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RIDGID SeekTech SR-60 Locator

RIDGID's new line of locating equipment meets the most demanding needs of the locating professional. Built to make even difficult locates easy, SeekTech is the only line locator that uses omni-directional antennas, guidance arrows and an easy to read mapping display to lead you quickly and accurately to the target line.

The antennas power the large mapping display which provides all the information you need to locate underground utilities with ease and confidence.

For information call 1-866-672-0269 or e-mail sales@ritech.us

Active Line Trace Frequencies
98Hz, 128Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz, & user-specified frequencies

Sonde Frequencies
16Hz, 512Hz, 33kHz

Passive Power Trace
50Hz, 60Hz
Passive Radio Trace
<4kHz, 4kHz-15kHz, 15kHz-38kHz

3.9 lbs

Power Source
4 C-Size Batteries

Proximity Signal minimizes depth over target and maximizes relative signal strength to guide you closer to the target independent of the current flow

Mapping Display Virtually maps the utility to help guide you down the line.

Shows signal distortion and line turns in real time

Real time depth readings

Guidance Arrows Guides the operator to target line by minimizing signal gradient

Current Identifies current on target line for faster diagnosis of complex locates

Signal Strength Allows the operator to maximize signal strength over the target
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