HDS3000 Laser Scanner

Pulsed, high-speed laser scanner with survey-grade accuracy, range, and field-of-view.

RIT provides High-Definition Scanning Services with terrestrial LIDAR scanners to produce accurate and robust 3D point-cloud models which can be used to create 3D CAD models.

For information call 1-866-672-0269 or e-mail sales@ritech.us

Highly accurate and robust “as-built” data resulting in lower project costs

Technology that is becoming accepted universally as the best practice asset management tool

Rapid response and turn-around time

Reliable, value-added support team

Increased safety during data collection

Industrial Large Scale: Tank farms, refineries, energy production, water treatment plants

Commercial Building: As-builts, retrofits, floor plans

Structures: Towers, bridges

Architectural: Retrofits, remodels, zoning

Consumer Products: Prototypes

Virtual Reality: Digital models

Heritage Preservation: Documentation and archiving of historical entities

Forensic: Documentation and reconstruction

Topographies: Surface configuration of an area, the features or configuration of a structural entity

Remote Inspection Technologies
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