Mini Push Camera

The RIT Mini Push Camera is an ideal solution for high resolution CCTV inspection inside of small pipe. At only 7/8in / 22mm diameter, the camera head easily fits inside of 1.25in / 32mm diameter pipe. The standard fiberglass push rod allows the system to be pushed through tight bends or over long distances while performing inspections.

With a stainless steel housing and internal potted electronics the camera is extremely durable and has excellent chemical resistance. A patented mechanism allows you to set the focus before deploying the system so you can examine details up close or at a distance. Plus, built in LED lighting and low-light sensitivity ensure a high quality image in almost any situation.

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0.875in / 23mm

Depth Rating
100ft / 30m
Min Pipe Diameter
1.25in / 32mm

1/4in Color CMOS

420 TV lines
1.0 lux

4 High Intensity LEDs

Lateral pipe inspections

Mainline pipe inspections up to 150ft / 45m
Manhole safety inspections

Drop camera
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