Long Range Crawler

RIT's Long Range Crawler is the solution to long pipe inspections with limited entry points. Able to inspect more than a mile of pipe in a single run, the long rang crawler includes 3 onboard video cameras, multiple sensor options, and is operable in pipe as small as 12in / 300mm internal diameter.

These units are configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation, and adjustable for a range of pipe diameters.

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min 12in / 300mm

Depth Rating
100ft / 30m

Tether Cable
6500ft / 1981m
0 - 30ft / 0 - 9m per minute

400lb / 184kg

Color, pan, tilt, zoom, color rear auxiliary

Long-run pipe inspection for operations over 6,000ft

Corrosion inspection
Fish bypass inspection

Penstock inspection


Powerful and reliable

Bright illumination and high quality video for precise assessments

Remote or auto focus to decrease fouling

Rear-facing camera for tether management

Modular design for on-site customization

Intuitive controls for ease of operation
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