Micro Crawler

TThe Micro Crawler is a miniature crawler system capable of inspecting pipe and ducts as small as 6in / 150mm in diameter  Just like the Versatile Tracked Vehicle, this crawler offers an in-line and parallel configuration for different pipe sizes.

The Micro Crawler is extremely portable - the entire system fits into two Pelican cases (including the tether cable and hand reel).  Despite its compact size, this system has the power to penetrate up to 600ft / 180m of pipe and overcome obstacles and offset joints.

Easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation. The vehicles are adjustable for a range of pipe diameters.

For information call 1-866-672-0269 or e-mail sales@ritech.us

Pipe Diameter
6in / 150mm

Depth Rating
100ft / 30m

Tether Cable
600ft / 180m

Up to 32ft / 10m per minute
24lb / 10.8kg

Color, pan, tilt, color rear auxiliary

7in Monitor with built-in DVR

Sewer and storm drains

Air ducts

Steam headers
Tanks and pressure vessels

Oil & gas refineries and pipelines

Pulp and paper

Adjustable for a range of pipe diameters from 6in / 150mm to 24in / 61cm

Easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation

Waterproof to 100ft / 30m

Can penetrate up to 600ft / 183m
Steerable in the parallel configuration in 6in / 15cm and larger pipes

Magnetic option available for vertical operation

Portable weighing only 20lb / 9kg

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